Treatment For Insomnia – 3 Common Herbs

sleep disorderA well balanced life is attained by eating the kind of foods, regular exercise and the right amount of sleep. However, because of the stresses of modern day living, more and more people are finding it difficult to sleep properly.

“Rapid eye movement (REM) sleep” commonly known as deep sleep is necessary for our bodies to naturally heal and repair. The body normally starts its regular maintenance of repairing cells and tissues a few hours into a person’s deep sleep. In addition to this, the rapid cell repair in sleep only occurs between 10 in the evening till 2 in the morning.

Insomniacs tend to miss this crucial part to make the body strong to fight off other health problems. This is why people with sleeping disorders tend to have higher a risk of having problem such hypertension or heart disease. Although there are many prescription medicines available that claim to treat the condition, it is still advisable to avoid taking any of these drugs because of its many dangerous side effects.

Fortunately, natural treatment for insomnia such as like to induce sleep and address insomnia are easily available and doable. Today sleep experts are finding out ways to mix and match different minerals and herbs to cure insomnia and many other sleep disorders without the use of harmful sedating drugs, which can cause drug tolerance, addiction and dependence. Here are three of the most common herbs that act as natural sedatives and help relax your mind and body for some good quality sleep.

Chamomile for Insomnia

Chamomile is one of the most common herbs known to provide relaxation. Certain studies have shown that unlike other herbs, chamomile can be used by both adults and children to help induce sleep. You may choose to drink chamomile tea a few minutes before going to bed or take a relaxing warm bath with chamomile oil and essences. This will give you a soothing, relaxed and refreshed feeling that is a perfect remedy for any sleeping disorder.

Lavender for Insomnia

With a calm and gentle scent lavender, along with chamomile are easily available anywhere. You may use this herb in making your bedtime tea. Lavender oil may also be used for your warm bath. For a calmer environment, glaze your room with mild lavender perfume as the scent of this herb is a natural sedative. You may also use lavender oil to help you sleep by lightly massaging it onto your skin.

Passion Flower for Insomnia

This herb can be used to treat acute cases of insomnia. If you are under constant stress and worry, passion flower signals your brain to be calm and collected gearing you up for a good night’s sleep. It can be used by adults and children without any harmful effects.


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